The Unencumbered Pen (or The Free Hand)

The main purpose for this page is to showcase drawings.

Like most kids, I was introduced to reading with illustrated storybooks. While I would pore over the illustrations, I did not take doodling as a hobby of my own until my older brother showed me that drawing is an egalitarian craft, not reserved for just the professionals. Interested that I might be capable of capturing my imagination with pictures of my own, let alone someone else’s imagination, I readily put pencil to paper.

Loose printer pages, junk mail, the margins of my school work and even textbooks, anything was a canvas. At first, I mimicked my brother’s style: rounded edges, cartoon features with a manga influence, and minimalist. I like to think I have grown into a personal style.

Over the years, I have amassed reams of scribbled forms untouched by daylight. On here, while still not illuminated by sunlight, these forms can at least escape their dank, private existence through illumination on the Kind Reader’s screen.

My technical prowess is mediocre, but—in postmodern fashion—I shall let the eye of the beholder discern beauty for itself.

MSPaint: For When You Don’t Have Adobe Photoshop

Until I can scan images of physical work, I’ll have to rely on Microsoft Paint to share drawings.

I’ve never been a fan of Paint. The version I have has few tools, meager effects, and renders harsh images; in all, it’s primitive and unfulfilling. Imagine my surprise after performing a simple Google Image search of “MS Paint art.” The Internet humbles.

Nevertheless, when you’re working a soul-robbing job in front of a computer, the bland Paint program management thought wouldn’t distract anybody can allay some of the pain, and even help you impress co-workers.

The drawings here are some of the better ones made while I answered phone calls for a company that manages the workforce of other companies. Like all jobs, it was only temporary.

"Oops, I've gotten jelly on my ink stain."

What passes for work: meaningless participation of which attendance is two-thirds.

Inspired by the cover of When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris.

I haven’t learned how to create depth in Paint, yet.

Years ago my family got a computer that came with decent photo-editing software. If memory serves, it was about a 2002 version of Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed drawing over photos with the program, creating a rotoscoped effect reminiscent of the Richard Linklater films Waking Life (2001) and A Scanner Darkly (2006). Most of my drawings were lost to the computer’s eventual and inevitable crash. Here are a few I managed to save elsewhere:



If you’re bored and keen on seeing your drawings be redrawn before you by a robot, give Scribbler a whirl. It’s like watching a team of spiders go to work on reproducing a drawing—quite mesmerizing. Here are some of my creations:

Scrib5 Scrib4 Scrib3 Scrib2 Scrib1


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  2. MrScabtree says:

    Wow..them are real good….yes,yes!

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