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About me? For this I refer you, kind reader, to "Black Sabbath Vol. 4." On that album, listen to the song "Supernaut" for an entertaining synopsis of my assumed persona.

Ethics in Hindu Epics Dr. Arvind Sharma is a leading scholar of Religious Studies. Follow the link to read his brief tract arguing that the Rāmāyaṇa and the Mahābhārata’s approach to the good leans more towards deontology and consequentialism, respectively. Advertisements

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Don’t Quote Me on This

As a public service, I share with you this NY Times op-ed by Brian Morton. Now, please emend as needed all second-hand proclamations and attributions. Misquotations that push a scrubbed-down, feel-good message miss the point of truly complex or truly good ideas. … Continue reading

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Writing Workshop: Writing a Thesis Statement for Philosophy Papers

“The crux of a philosophical argument often appears to be a Dedekind cut between a series of ‘as I will show’s and a series of ‘as I have shown’s. In a sense the preliminaries are the argument, and there is … Continue reading

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The [Agri]Culture of Ignorance: How Our Current Agricultural Practices Will Cause the Collapse of Ecological Life-Systems

(For a notable scholar’s account of environmental sustainability, see my post Destroying the Commons.) Under the United States’ current system of agriculture, many key elements of sustained ecological functions (important values for global sustainability) fall by the wayside. Here I … Continue reading

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Destroying the Commons

Destroying the commons – Opinion – Al Jazeera English. An article by Noam Chomsky worth a read.

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Summary of Sinai & Zion

The following is a summary of Sinai & Zion: An Entry into the Jewish Bible by Jon D. Levinson. I recommend the book to anyone interested in a concise introduction to Judaism. Part I: Sinai, the Mountain of the Covenant … Continue reading

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Holy How!?

I found this video featuring comic Nathan Fielder talking with Senator Ernie Chambers humorous, prompting me to write a bit about theodicy. For more about Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers’ work satirizing frivolous lawsuits and in conjunction religious dogma, see this … Continue reading

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Invidious Distinction: Is It Selling-Out or Is It Commodification?

The concept of selling-out, sacrificing personal integrity for material gain, is a ubiquitous concept and hardly a new one. The Oxford English Dictionary attributes its first usage to the diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut (1862); in the version edited by C. … Continue reading

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Well, you know my name is Simon…

…and I like to do drawings. Take a gander at The Unencumbered Pen, my drawings page, if you’d like to take an active role in passing the time. It, as with all of frommherrtzueternity, is nascent; so visit briefly and … Continue reading

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The Writing Word

In Roy Peter Clark’s Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, the author expertly guides writers, novice and seasoned, along the rough terrain of prose. He outfits readers with a handy toolbox that makes the task of writing a … Continue reading

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