Sifting through the mire and ennui of post-graduation (and pre-employment), I force myself here to expose my creative nooks and non-nooks alike to the oft critical and ever-clashing Internet audience (if I might be so lucky to gain one, that is).

More or less equal parts gallery, dumping ground, diary, and therapy frommherrtzueternity.wordpress.com essentially provides me a digital phrontistery [noun: a thinking place; from Ancient Greek φροντιστήριον (phrontistērion), from φροντιστής (phrontistēs, “a thinker”), from φρονέω (phroneō, “to think”)].

Before you spend too much time sounding out the URL, the name of this blog is the result of inspiration fucking bloviation. The foundation is homage to the Australian music-man Nick Cave’s 1984 album From Her to Eternity—which itself plays off the title of a James Jones novel, From Here to Eternity (1951)—recorded with his band The Bad Seeds. Overlaying that is a tribute to great thinkers from the West and the East: German Philosopher Erich Fromm (hence, Herr Fromm) and Lao Tzu (and, just as well, Sun Tzu and Chuang Tzu (Am I leaving any Tzus out?)). I will add proper biographies of these men soon enough.

If there is a meaning to distill from frommherrtzueternity it would be that thinking is an activity best done in perpetuity. May the immortal words of Great Thinkers lift the veil from reality as together we answer their clarion calls: Gefährlich leben! Amor fati! Sapere aude!


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